Macedonian and Balkan Folk Music

Kaval Music

You should not think of the transcriptions as the last word on what's recorded: I sometimes combined versions of melodies into one, or had to guess at some of the ornaments. There is a key available of the ornaments I use for these transcriptions. For more specific questions, feel free to ask me via the contact form.

EEFC Iroquois Springs 2012 Intermediate/Advanced Macedonian Kaval students: Below is what we'll be working on.

  1. Ratevka
  2. Ovčepolsko kaval solo
  3. Kitka Oro

You can download the notated music and, for some pieces, a truncated, low-quality music work file (for copyright reasons) from the table below. I will bring a CD to camp with the complete pieces at high quality for you to copy.

Please note that the focus of this class will be on playing in a Macedonian style (based on Mile Kolarov). I'm assuming that the student can already play the basic octave plus a fourth or so (kaba not essential) and have some facility playing melodies. There will be enough appropriate material in the class regardless of whether you consider yourself intermediate or advanced; it will work for both, and I'll adjust to the students who attend. My goal is to spend a great deal of time on ornamentation, so that you will have what you need to work on your own to sound more Macedonian on the instrument for the following year. Please write me via the contact form with any questions or suggestions. See you soon!


Name Transcription mp3 Real Audio Midi
Dajčovo (Veličkov) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jareško Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proštavaj, Majčo, Proštavaj Yes Yes Yes Yes



Name Transcription mp3 Real Audio Midi
Bufčansko (Kolarov) rev. 2011-08 Yes Yes No No
Kitka Oro (2nd part) 2012-07 Yes Yes No No
Ratevka (Kolarov) rev. 2012-07 Yes Yes No No
Ovčepolsko Oro Kaval Solo rev. 2012-07 Yes Yes No No
Stefano Pile Šareno (Kolarov) rev. 2012-07 Yes Yes No No