Macedonian and Balkan Folk Music

Echo of My Soul—Ekoto Na Mojata Duša

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		Voice of My Soul cover

Recorded in Macedonia with the Stefče Stojkovski Orchestra, this CD features 17 tracks totaling more than 70 minutes of folk music performed by Radio Skopje artist Dragi Spasovski. Dragi sings songs from more rural sources, with themes of love, courtship, dancing, and marriage, accompanied by Stefče's own arrangements. Top-notch Macedonian musicians on gajda, kaval, tambura, zurla, tapan, and other izvoren instruments join Stefče, a talented multi-instrumentalist. Enjoy a few mp3 samples from the playlist below (or stream them all from the link at the end).

Be sure to listen to episodes from our Macedonian Postcards podcasts, which cover discussions, stories, and music about the CD project and all its songs.

Echo of My Soul can be purchased separately or as a discounted set with Dragi's two other CDs. A 163-page book, Macedonian Folk Songs from the Repertoire of Dragi Spasovski Volume 1, is also available as part of this project. It contains the lyrics in Macedonian, Latin transliteration, and English translations of all 54 songs spanning this 3-CD project, which has garnered many glowing comments from listeners and readers. It comes as a bundled option with all three cds, or can be bought separately with one or two of the CDs. Check the order page for details.


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