Macedonian and Balkan Folk Music

Comments on Macedonian Folk Songs
for Voice and Tambura Volume 1

“I received your book last week. I listened to the whole cassette maybe four times in a row, and of course I’m totally enthusiastic about this music. I would like to thank you for your wonderful work; I have read everything with the greatest interest and I’ll be playing the music as soon as possible.”

—Bourges, FRANCE

“I just have to record my delight with the book and the tape. You guys have done a fabulous job.”

—New Orleans, Louisiana

“Your book is just wonderful. Excellent selections, translations, notes, etc.”

—Washington, DC

“What a lovely, painstaking body of work this book is.”

—Seattle, Washington

“This is the kind of stuff my grandmother—91—used to sing to us. I received my earliest exposure to old Macedonian folk songs on her knee.”

—Scarborough, Ontario CANADA

“I’ve received the book and the cassette tape. It is a brilliant book.”

—Nieuwegein, HOLLAND

“Just what I was looking for.”

—Venice, ITALY

“We were pleasantly surprised with the way you have presented the first volume.”


“Oh dear, what a wonderful package.”

—Kerava, FINLAND

Comments on Macedonian Folk Songs
for Voice and Tambura Volume 2

“What you have done is a remarkable achievement; so much love and effort have been invested in these books and I am confident they are a valuable reference for anyone interested in Macedonian folklore music.”


“I got your tambura book. It is very fun and useful for me.”

—Nishinomiya, JAPAN

“I received your book two days ago: thanks again for your wonderful work!”

—Bourges, FRANCE

“Macedonian Folk Songs I and II arrived—wonderful! You should be proud of your accomplishment.”

—Santa Ana, California

“I’m enjoying the tape of songs that came with volume two of your songbook, and the book as well—great notes by you and Rachel, and the tambura lesson is invaluable—especially when paired with your tambura suggestions in Volume One. I think the interview with Kete is also a great addition—there’s more there than I can absorb or understand in one reading, but it certainly provides an interesting perspective on the music.”

—Ashland, Oregon

“I recently received Volume 2 of Macedonian Folk Songs for Voice and Tambura, which I read through last night while listening to the tape. It’s absolutely terrific, and you and Rachel deserve a lot of credit!”

—Madison, Wisconsin

“This is an extraordinary piece of work. Congratulations to you and your colleagues! I understand now why your correspondent in Skopje was impressed. I am too, mightily so...Your transcriptions and translations are amongst the best I’ve seen. Bravo, majstori!”

—Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

“The packages are even more impressive than I had imagined. The presentation is extremely professional. Now I just need 6 months of ‘woodshedding’ to absorb it all.”

—Ontario, CANADA

“I received the books and CDs and they are beautiful! I can’t believe how much love and work went in to this project.”

—Sherman Oaks, California