Macedonian and Balkan Folk Music

Mastering Thracian Kaval Ornamentation: A Handbook

Mastering Thracian Kaval
		Ornamentation: A Handbook

NOW AVAILABLE: ePUB VERSION! This 193-page book by Bulgarian kaval master Lyuben Dossev has sold out and is now available only as an online download. The download consists of:

• ePub version with embedded audio files

• pdf version

• all mp3 audio files of the examples

Professor Dossev unveils the mysteries of ornamentation of the Bulgarian wooden end-blown shepherd’s flute, the kaval. The book contains over 150 diagrams of musical examples played by Professor Dossev found in the accompanying audio files. There is also a collection of songs with notated kaval accompaniment.

In the ePub version, the audio files are embedded and juxtaposed to their relevant notation example. It is also a "reflow" EPUB, which means it can be resized to your preference.


Table of contents

  1. Vibrato
  2. Sechene
  3. Combining Vibrato and Sechene
  4. Glissando
  5. Accent Notes
  6. Short Trills
  7. Songs
  8. Bibliography

Sample illustrations

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