Macedonian and Balkan Folk Music

Macedonian Čalgija

Macedonian Čalgija cover

Recorded in Macedonia and featuring Bajsa Arifovska with three musicians (Hustref Said, Raim Baki, and Naser Mustafa), this CD features 9 tracks of the urban Macedonian folk music known as čalgija. Bajsa is a talented multi-instrumentalist, one of the few Macedonian Romani women to take on this role, and she leads an ensemble, itself all too rare these days, of violin/clarinet, ut, kanun, and tarabuka in over 50 minutes of instrumentals.

Enjoy a few mp3 samples from the playlist below (or stream them all from the link at the end).

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This CD DigiPak and 4-page insert was co-produced by Izvor Music and Larry Weiner.

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