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Banski Starcheta — Songs and Live Dance Party!

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		Banski starcheta CD cover showing 7 men and 2 women in Bulgarian costumes.

С песните на Банкси Старчета

Izvor Music is happy to offer both a new double-CD of 37 songs (with all lyrics) and a live performance by Banski Starcheta, available only as downloads. You can purchase the 2-CD set audio files with lyrics, the 2-set live performance audio files, or both as a discounted bundle of over 4 hours of music.

Banski Starcheta was established in 1980 by Atanas Yanchovichin in Bansko, Bulgaria. Originally, the group was created as a wedding band but soon it grew into something special and unique. Through his love of singing, music and traditions, Atanas involved many people in his group, from the elders of Bansko to young boys and girls. He nourished and passed on the traditional two-part singing of Bansko, which is a unique blend of heroism, home, and love, all enveloped in the beautiful mountains of Pirin. The CD set available here comes with lyrics to all 37 songs in Cyrillic and Latin transliteration, plus a translation summary of each song.

Atanas and his group have performed in Bulgaria and internationally and won many awards over the years. They have 15 published discs with male, female, and children’s performances. You can find out more about Banski Starcheta on their website and see them on their YouTube channel.

Members for December 2023:

  • Атанас Яанчовичин — vocal, tarambuka
  • Лазар Катерини — vocal, gayda
  • Михали Гроздин — vocal, clarinet
  • Мартин Яанчовичин — vocal, tambura
  • Марин Бърдарев — vocal, tambura
  • Костадин Бърдарев — vocal, accordion
  • Георги Стойков — vocal, tambura
  • Спасимира Калайджиева — dance
  • Десислава Баханова — dance

Banski Starcheta — Live in Seattle — December 8, 2023

Photo of 
		7 members of Banski Starcheta standing on a stage, playing instruments and singing.

In December 2023, Seattle was graced with two live performances by Banski Starcheta in their first visit to the United States, sponsored in part by the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle. The night before the community's annual Koleda concert, Banski Starcheta played two sets of songs and dance melodies for a dance party. Two-part vocals by all members were accompanied by strummed tamburas, a gayda (bagpipe) a tarambuka (hourglass-shaped metal drum, played with a hand and a stick), and accordion and clarinet.

The energy from this well-attended evening is palpable in the live recordings from that event. It's especially interesting to see how pieces on their most recent CD are transformed through medleys, spontaneous arrangements, and virtuoso improvisation in the context of lengthy dances. It was quite the celebration.

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