Macedonian and Balkan Folk Music

Goce Dimovski

Goce Dimovski photoGoce Dimovski is Macedonia's premier virtuoso on traditional wind instruments. The product of a musical family, he plays the kaval, gajda, and zurla, which he learned from his father, Angele Dimovski. He is also a renowned master of the clarinet and the saxophone.

As a member of the popular group, DD Synthesis, Goce has traveled and performed extensively in many parts of the world, including Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, America, Australia and other countries. In 2001, DD Synthesis's album, “Swinging Macedonia,” was Macedonia's number-one best-selling album.

Goce Dimovski is currently employed as the first gajda player of Radio-Television Skopje's Orchestra of Traditional Folk Instruments. As such, he has recorded a great number of traditional dances and songs produced by RTV Skopje.