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Berovo brass band

Berovo brass band

David Bilides and Dragi Spasovski are your hosts for discussions and samples of all 54 Macedonian folk songs in Dragi's 3-CD project, as well as stories about the recordings, musicians, Dragi's life, and Macedonian culture in general. You can download each episode individually under the links section for that episode, listen to an audio stream of each episode, or you can subscribe to the entire series through one of the links on the right sidebar.

Episode 51: Ori mome, lastar mome

Another song from the Tetovo area, originally sung by Olga Sičan, about a girl who cannot marry due to a death in the family. Dragi talks about these customs.

Audio and Links for Episode 51

Episode 51: Ori mome, lastar mome (24:28)

Ori mome, lastar mome (Dragi Spasovski, Track 15)

Ajde dali znaeš pametiš Milice (Olga Sičan, 4:23)

Šekerino, maloj mome (Olga Sičan, 1:47)

Zaplakala mlada plešenica (Trio Mokri Braḱa, 4:45)

Kači se gore na čardak (Jagoda Filipovska, 3:25)

Ǵorǵija, kara Ǵorǵija (Jagoda Filipovska, 2:58)

10 June 2022